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Create equipment to help optimize human performance and reduce potential of injury.

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Why The T-REX

A NEW dimension of resistance training that decreases low back stress and challenges muscle strength, coordination and balance in a different unique way compared to traditional methods.

The T-REX provides the combination of comfortably increasing resistive loads and diversity in performing a variety of functional movements in multiple environments with easy portability.

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I’ve been using the T-REX consistently for the past 4 months or so and have noticed improvements in all areas of my fitness. Leg strength/endurance, core strength/stability, and even strength in my back has improved. What impressed me most, was the changes in my cardio and just endurance as a whole. Along with strength training I’ve been using it as a cardio tool on the treadmill. I’ll walk at a brisk pace and at an incline of 7. Every minute I’ll go up in incline to a max of 15 then back down to 7 and so forth. Now I’ve been doing this every 3rd day for the past month or two, and I went on a hunt this past weekend where I was hiking up and down hills literally ALL DAY long, with a rifle and heavy pack on. My first hunt since incorporating the T-REX into my workouts. I felt absolutely GREAT. I usually get a blown out lower back with a pack on, and not once did I feel fatigued in my back, my legs, or shoulders from the pack weight and mountain inclines. I hunted harder and further than if I hadn’t been using the T-REX. The versatility of the T-REX is what I like most and its been a huge benefit in my fitness and life in general.

Phoenix Firefighter